Home medical visit

doktordomu.cz Home medical visit


WHAT: Home visit of the experienced physician, who will solve your health problems. All our physicians speak fluent English and are prepared to listen to your problems with patience and hospitality and to do their best to help you.

WHERE: In your home or in your hotel room. Our physician comes to you to a place of your choice – home, to your office or hotel, in the time which suits you. You spare the demanding way to hospital when you are not feeling well. Prague and close surroundings.

WHEN: In 2 hours from your call or in the time you chose. You now the time of the arrival of the doctor to you, you avoid uncomfortable waiting un full waiting rooms with other acute ill patients.

PRICE: 150 EUR for the complex service of our physician


+420 773 155 600


operator on call NON-STOP 24 / 7 / 365


! Attention: This servise does not replace the Rescue service !
! In case of life hazzard call immediatelly phone 112 or 155 !


PRAGUE and close surroundings